Joseph Gray

Joseph Gray (Age 34, Colorado Springs, CO) is a four-time winner of the race, having taken the top spot in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. He holds the state record for both Colorado (58:15, in 2015) and Washington (60:33 in 2012). He set the single-year records for age 30, 32, and 33 with times of 59:09, 58:17, and 58:57. All of his finishes have been in the top five: four first, two second, two third, and one fourth place. His 2016 time stands as the American men’s record for the race. In addition to his impressive performances at Mount Washington Gray has been a 19-time U.S. Mountain team member and an 11-time national champion. In 2016, he won the World Mountain Running Championships in Sapareva Banya, Bulgaria.

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