The Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race annually pits 1300 runners against one of the most challenging obstacles in road-racing anywhere in the world: the 7.6-mile Mt. Washington Auto Road, which rises at an average grade of 11.5 percent to the 6288-foot Mt. Washington summit. The race attracts Olympic athletes, Boston marathon champions, and the best mountain running specialists in the world to compete in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The race was first held in the years 1936-1938, forgotten during World War II, then restarted in 1961 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Mt. Washington Auto Road (formerly the Mt. Washington Carriage Road). The race was also held in 1962, then became an annual event starting in 1966.

The Mt. Washington Road Race Hall of Fame recognizes athletes whose exceptional accomplishments in the race have added greatly to the history and stature of the event. Inductees are chosen by a vote of the Hall of Fame committee from a longer list of nominees compiled by December 31 of the preceding year.

To coincide with the 50th running next year, the opening of the Hall of Fame created an opportunity to give enduring recognition to those who have helped to make this race a legend in the sport. Some of the Hall’s members will be runners who have won this race several times; others, holders of course records or of age-group records. Others may be selected for their streaks – consecutive years running – or for a variety of other accomplishments as athletes, organizers, supporters and others who have contributed exceptionally to the Mt. Washington Road Race.

Hall of Fame Committee

Members of the Mt. Washington Road Race Hall of Fame will be chosen by the Hall of Fame Committee and the current members of the Hall of Fame. The committee includes seven people:

Tom Raffio
CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, the title sponsor of the road race. Tom has run the race multiple times and is an avid supporter of running within New England.

Andy Schachat
The race’s announcer and commentator, the voice of the race and of the popular annual pre-race symposium.  Andy is a running columnist for the N.H. Union Leader and founder of the N.H. Road Race Hall of Fame. He is passionate about running and a well-known announcer at many races throughout New England

John Stifler
The former press and elite athletes’ liaison for the race and a senior writer for New England Runner magazine, who ran Mt. Washington in 1989 and then joined the race’s staff.

Bob Teschek
Bob ran the Mt. Washington Road Race eight times, beginning in 1966. He became the race’s director in 1982 and turned the race into one of the best-organized events in the sport. He continued to direct the race until 2010.  His name is familiar to countless Mt. Washington runners, as well as to race directors across the region and farther afield who use his company, Granite State Race Services, to provide timing and finish-line management to several road races on most weekends of the year. He set his own excellent personal best time (1:15:52) for the Mt. Washington Road Race in 1977.

Howie Wemyss (“weemz”)
After growing up on the coast of Maine and spending winter weekends in the White Mountains, Howie attended Colorado State University before spending some quality time in the US Army. He moved to the mountains in the early 70’s playing ski bum for many years patrolling at Wildcat Mountain while driving stages on the Mt Washington Auto Road in the summer. He finally settled down to full time employment managing the Auto Road in 1987. In 1995 he was offered the additional responsibility of managing Great Glen Trails, the company’s recreational branch. Now he’s rediscovered his passion for cross country skiing, and found new delights in road and mtn biking, photography and travel. In 2000, Howie and his wife, Sue celebrated Howie’s 50th birthday by completing the 54 mile, 16,000 foot vertical, “Hut Traverse” in 22 hours. Howie is a 6 time finisher in the Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race..

Paul Kirsch
Chair of the USATF-New England Mountain/Ultra/Trail championship series of races, staff member for the U.S. Mountain Running Team, seventeen-time Mt. Washington finisher and four time director of the USA Mountain Running Championships. Paul is the current elite liaison for the MWRR. Paul lives in the Mt. Washington Valley with his family and can be seen running on the trails and mountains of the area with his 2 dogs, Sam and Roxy. The three of them ran the auto road together in 2014 as part of Alton Weagle Day.